Vidor Camp

No Bitching or Whining!

 Just Have Fun!!

Tournament Dates 2017

January 21

February 11

March 4

March 25

April 8

**MAY 6 : TOP 10 BOATS SHOOTOUT (see details below)

Tournament Fees:

$100 PER TEAM/BOAT to be divided as follows:

$60.00 Biggest Stringer (per team)

$10.00 per team for Big Bass

$15.00 per team will be donated to the Rainbow Room 

$10.00 per team for end of year championship

 $5.00 per team for tournament fees


These are team tournaments, which mean 1 or 2 people per team.  Tournament time will begin at 6:00am.  Teams must be paid and registered with Greg before 10:00 pm on Friday night before each tournament. Winners will be determined by 5 biggest LEGAL largemouth bass caught on rod and reel on Lake Sam Rayburn. The payout will be as follows: up to 14 teams will pay 2 places (a 70/30 split),15 to 30 teams will pay 3 places(a 50/30/20 split).  Scales open at 2:30 pm and close at 3:00 pm at Powell Park Marina. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO WEIGH-IN AFTER 3:00 pm. 

The Big Bass pot will pay 70% for 1st place and 30% for 2nd place to the largest Legal Largemouth bass caught on rod and reel for each tournament. 

The last tournament will also be a championship tournament for the people that kept the same partners throughout the entire series. The winner will be determined by the teams total weight from all FIVE tournaments.  If you fish with a different partner, which is allowed, the weight from that tournament will not be used for calculating weight for the championship. The championship payout will be 70% for 1st place and 30% for 2nd place.  The more entries, the bigger the pot!!!   GOOD LUCK!!!

  For information contact : Greg  (409) 782-4915

 We will not be accepting over 30 teams per Tournament, so early registration is strongly encouraged!


May 6

$200.00 per boat/team

70/30 split



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